So, I am in Sweden again. Just for a little while, though.
So monday my uncle drove me to the airport. Due the
radio said it might be slippy, we left way too early.
We left at 11 PM. We arrived at the airport at 1 AM.
My flight was to leave at 6.45 AM So I was there way
too early, and I didn’t sleep that night.

So then the damn plane was delayed for one hour.
The plane was in the hangar and they couldn’t get
it out because it was too slippy. n00bs!!!!

So I flew to Amsterdam to take the plane to
Copenhagen there. So I was there at about
noon, had some lunch and took the 1 PM train
to Ronneby. In that train I finally got some
sleep. I arrived in Ronneby at 4 PM. So
I made some dinner and went to sleep at
7 PM to sleep till 9 AM the next morning.

After I ate some breakfast I went to BTH to
meet up with my colleguas. We went to luch
together at noon, like we used to do for months.

Soo… tomorrow I will have my presentation.
After that my collegues will get my furniture
back to BTH. BTH payed for it so they want it
back. That means I will have no bed this weekend,
so I will have to find some place to sleep. I hope
I can stay at some friend’s place. I can go to the
youth hostel tough, but I am a little short on
money now, since plane tickets are expensive.

I have to get my room clean and empty before
monday 11 AM since then it will be inspected.
Tuesday I will go to kopenhagen to catch my
plane back home…

I am nervous….

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