Sooo… I ran a little out of time when I was
writing my post in Sweden. So here is the 

Last friday my collegues took my furniture 
back to BTH. BTH payed for it so they wanted
it back. So, I had no bed since friday, so I slept
the last four days at Jonis’ place.

Before they took my furniture, I did my presentation
in Sweden. It went okay, but it could be better. I got
some comments to improve my presentation next
week in the Netherlands.

Now I am at Fontys in a class about the presentation.
So this is a boooring day, because I will be here till 5.

Jonis, I mentioned him earlier in my blog,
I like him, but I am too shy so I never told him.
I am just too scared to tell him.  That’s just silly 
me. Too scared to tell him. Because I am too
scared  for his reaction. Too scared to loose him,
so in the end I am still alone. Loneliness

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