So. Yesterday I was at Hans’ place. 

Played some Age of Ampires, watched a 
movie (Wall-e)  (yes, really!) (lol) 
and played some wii. Today… 
to continue what I was doing the 
day before. My computer. As I mentioned
before. It was Windows 7 beta installed. I
tried to install Windows XP next to it and 
it BSOD’ ed with code 7F and parameter 00.
Some googleing told me this means a devide
by zero in some driver. As this error appeared
during the detection of the hardware, it 
appears to me this is the cause. The website
also says it is likely to be caused by broken
hardware. Since my video card was suspected
before of misbehaviour. As I wrote in an earlier
blogpost, the time I removed the USB/FireWire
controller. Well… I placed a different video card
now and the installation program doesn’t BSOD
anymore. So it seems the problem is solved. 
I installed Windows XP on a different hard disk now,
since I was first thinking that the Windows 7 instalation
sitting on the same hard disk might cause the problem.
So… of all the hard disks I had emtied, they are all filled
with some data again. And now my I need to get a new 
video card for my Pentium III machine, since that’s a
low-profile case, and I need a card with suitable backplate,
wich was the card I used in my Pentium 4 now.
And since my computer uses a newer video card now,
Windows 7 might be so kind to “unlock” so eye-candy now.

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