Happy New Year peoples!!! Yes the year is
almost over, or for people in some parts of
the world, the new year already started,
here in europe, we’re still waiting a few hours
for the new year starts. Even it will start one
second later this year. Time is weird. Who
decided it anyways that 2008 was supposed
to take one second longer then a normal year.

Oh well… the past year… and stuffs happened
last year. Well… what happened… well… I’ve
been in Sweden for my graduation internship.
Been learning some Swedish and stuff. Did
some nice work, untill a few weeks ago, I had
to start working on my internship report.

Beleive me that’s the most boring work ever.
Just a lot of blah blah blah. I hate it, and it’s
also the only thing that worried me about
studying at a college.

During my stay in Sweden, I also got
indirectly confronted with my ex,
Nikolái. He got a friend of mine, Joyce,
banned from a chat server. He just played
against my friends over the operators of the
network. That’s just so low, to attack my
friends through someone else. Oh well…
oh well… what else to expect from a person
like that???

Soo… who was this Nikolái. As I said before,
he was my ex. My ex, who got the guts to
dump me on 1 january 2008, just to beg
for forgivenessa few hours later. And that’s
not the only thing this person did to me.

Oh well… enough about my ex now. That’s
over and done with… or something…
Still… being single is lonely. I am still single,
and I am longing to be loved.

Let’s hope 2009 will bring me some love.

Happy new year to you all!!!

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