Sooo… past week, weird week.
Let’s start with some… well… something that got me upset.
It seems, this person, Nikolái, is chatting on some chatroom
on an irc network named HoaxNET. Nikolái, (nikki or piknikki on irc)
If you are a regular reader of my blog or chatter in the blaatschaap
chatroom, you will know who this person is, and what this person
once meant to me, and how it ended. But that’s nothing to do with
this. So, joyce was at that server, joined a chatroom about parakeets,
because she has such a bird. Ichigo it’s called, japanese for strawberry btw,
but also a personage from the anime bleach. Anyways, back to the topic
so she joined that chatroom, and then the network operator banned her.
It seems Nikki complained to the network operator about joyce.
I know Nikki always disliked joyce, and I also know he’s avoiding me
like hell after he told me the truth that he is actually a she.
Well… more or less…. started doing that two days after that, but
well… that’s not what this is about. It’s about sending the network
operator after my friends. It’s about that if that Nikki person got
problem with me or my friends, I hate it when he sends other people
to solve it in stead of telling his problem himself to us.
That is what happened sunday one week ago, and I am upset about this.

This network operator, his nickname is Jorijn. After that he had me
calling joyce back and had eileen join as well and we talked about
the situation. Eileen refuses to return there because she feels
insulted. I refuses to stay away, because if I did, it would be a
victory for Nikki. At least from my point of view. But there are
some other things I wonder about. What is the relation between
this Jorijn and Nikki. It just maked me think about something someone
said to me about Nikki, about two month ago. I just hope this person
is not who I suspect he is, that would be TOO MUCH of a coincidence.

Enough about that. please I do not want to think about this N. person
again! Never ever again! I wish I NEVER EVER heard of this person.

So now that is told back to some other weirdness. Well just a short
peice then. Like last week saturday there was this boy at the studentkårhus,
but then he got pissed at me for no reason. So then yesterday he came to
me and kept apologising all evening. Well.. I must say the the fact he
kept apologising all night kinda flattered me. Oh well… life for sure
ain’t that boring at the moment, but still. I wish for something else to
happen. Ya know

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