I’ve been in my dutch blog lately, not here
in my english blog. Also… time for a little
update for my non-dutch-speaking blog
readers, right?

So…. this is the last week I will spend in
The Netherlands. In one week I will leave
for Sweden. Today I got some Swedish
money at the bank. I got my plane ticket,
and everything. I just need to pack by
suitcases and leave.

Also at BlaatSchaap some stuff is going on.
The Radio Team will be expanded. Crying-Wolf
will start to do his shows soon, and also blizzkid/tijl.
He will start next tuesday. Also Gunirus has decided
to start his shows again. So the team is growing,
and I hope you will all tune in during the live shows.
It’s gonna be great!!! ( I just hope I will be able to
do my show from Sweden as well… you will hear
about that later too)

Gunirus and Crying-Wolf will not only be DJ but
they started developing a new website for
BlaatSchaap as well. It will be integrated with out
IRC server, so your NickServ password will also
be your website login. And some other stuff we’re
preparing for you people!

I started coding a little too last weekend. I want
to create a Radio Broadcast tool for the BlaatRadio.
It will have an integrated request service and stuff
like that. And off course it will be a Linux program.
That’s the problem. There is no nice all-in-one solution
for Linux, except idjc perhaps. But still that’s not ideal.
So I am planning to write my own. lol I have been planning
this for like a year, only started coding last saturday.
Well. that’s not 100% true… I tried some stuff earlier,
but that discontiued.

Anyways… that’s it for now, thanks for reading ;)
*hugs to all*
And soon you will read from my in Sweden. :P :P

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