I just confirmed windows sucks. As it is tuesday night,
it’s time for my radio broadcast on www.rgin.com
As usual there is a stream to a shoutcast server
( http://sc9.spacialnet.com:19304/listen.pls )
and a stream to the stickam account
( http://www.stickam.com/rgin )

Also… I have a mixing table, with two output cables,
one going to my laptop and one going to my pc.
I use the laptop for the stickam upstream and my pc
for the shoutcast upstream.

My laptop was booted to Windows xp, and I decided not
to reboot to Linux. (I usually do my stickam upstream
on Linux.) Well…. it turned out that I’d better rebooted.
My webcam just refused to work on windows. The light
on the webcam lit up, but there was no picture, it just
remained black. After rebooting to Linux, my webcam
just worked. Sooo… the webcam is fine, Windows is the

Then my desktop PC. It’s running Windows Vista. I’ve
done past broadcasts on Windows Vista is check if the
radio causes trouble there, since another host at rgin
was having weird problems when using sam encoders
on Windows Vista. Well…. weird problems just turned
up on my Vista as well…. It seems, it’s broadcasting
my music on a very high pitch. It only does so when
it’s recording from the sound card, not when processing
the music direct from winamp. I usually use my mixing
table, so I record through my sound card. Well…
it appears to me, it’s cause by the changed
Windows Vista audio architecture. It seems windows
discards the request of a different sound format.

The conclusion: Windows Sucks! Use Linux!

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