Doctor Who… yeah… that’s right… I just started
watching it recently, but now I guess I’m an addict.
Watched like four episodes today, finished the first
season. I really have to love bittorrent for making
this possible :P Oh Doctor Who, it’s so good. I
love these series ^^ Meh… I guess I’ve neglected
my math homework. I kinda have a test tomorrow,
like I explained in a previous post. I guess, I just
go to that class for Jaime and Ralph, I’ll just bluf
though that test, I guess, like I always do. Just
a little more bluf this time, but I’ll make it anyways.
And I’ll start watching the 2nd season of Doctor Who,
and the first season of Torchwood soo. Yeah…
that’s what I’ll do. It’s really addicting. Well.. and
I suppose there is still some anime to watch too.
Oh I just got another 500 GB External USB hard disk
today, just to store all the good files.

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