Nikki…. Nikolái Skvortsov … Nikolajev Hämäläinen
That person is fake…. You could have read that all,
in an earlier post. I was thinking, it was over, the end.

But she… started to talk in my msn again… I said…
I can’t … not like that… my msn displaying “Piknikki says:”
all the time…. but there is no Nikki …. I can’t take that….

All events from the past days, also included, this girl
pretending to be Nikki, took Nikkis blogs offline.
This resulted in Karina being worries, and showing
up in the chatroom what was going on. I cannot lie
when someone asks me directly… and I am sorry
I was the one to tell Karina the truth, but I had to.
I just had to. The world deserves to know the truth.
There are too many lies in this world already.
So, I told Karina, she decided to confront “Nikki”
with the truth… and “Nikki” sent me a threadning
text message on my phone.
She is loosing control, over me, over her lies.
Threadning like that… is just a sign of weakness.

I hope this is the last thing we’ve heard from “Nikki”.
At least… for now… She needs help, professional help
from a shrink, this is not something we can solve ourselves.

And Karina, she’s always welcome in our chatroom.
Even through the subject we’ve been talking about
wasn’t exactly a happy one, I hope that we can talk
some more in the future about happies subjects.

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