People, I’ve been blogging a lot in my dutch
blog lately. (moved to btw)

So, what have I been doing. I have resurrected the
BlaatSchaap Coding Projects, and started coding
another IRC bot. I started a new IRC protocol
impelentation, and I am still thinking about
the design. Especially about multi-channel
support and keeping per channel per user
information, like online time, idle time,
and last seen (so to keep the user info after
the user left)
Current source available at cvs

Also, I’ve been broadcasting music today,
at two streams. My own blaatschaap radio stream
( / )
and as a test broadcast
were I will start broadcasting soon too. Bob, the owner
of the channel asked me too. I’ve done do radio for too
long, so it was about time. Same about coding btw.

And next to that, a little blaatschaap update, although
blaatschaap, more like pctrouble. Wim is being
“old and grumpy” again, to use Nuky’s words.
Genirus and Violet are #pctrouble refugees who
found a new home at #blaatschaap.

Oh well … that’s it for now, Hope to see you
soon in the chatroom and please listen to my
broadcasts too ;) have fun ;)


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