This may vacation is a linux-themed vacation
for me. After running linux on my laptop (flappie)
and desktop (sjink), I also installed linux on my
file storage machine (rammelbak).
Rammelbak is an AMD K6 at 300 Mhz. Some people would
say it’s a useless machine. Obsolete. But just to
store my music files, and have them accesable on my
network, it is fine. The machine has three hard disks,
a 6 GB hard disk to boor from, and two storage hard
disks, connected to a PCI-IDE controller, because of
the limitation of the BIOS, not supporting 48-BIT LBA.
I don’t want to risk data loss, so I use an extra
So, I replaced the hard disk with another 6 GB hard disk,
from another machine, not being used. So in case Linux
wouldn’t run nice on that machine, I could simply put
my Windows 2000 Hard disk back in there.
So, installing Linux on that machine. Mandriva 2007 Spring.
Same distro as is running on both other machines.
And it detects the ‘old’ hardware fine, pre-selecting icewm
as window manager, and installing a ‘legacy’ kernel in
stead of the default kernel my other machines are using.
So far so good. Installing took a while, but now it runs fine.
Samba works fine.

Then the other machine, unused machine, Cyrix 6x68MX-PR333.
Same motherboard as the ‘rammelbak’. That’s were I swapped the
hard disks with. I’m installing QNX 6.3 to it. Since 6.3 there is no
NC (No-Commercial) version anymore, but a 30-day version.
But after that period it will still work, just a few features will be
disabled, but as far as I know that’s only momentics
(QNX development kit for embedded systems) and not
neutrino (the operating system),
so that won’t effect my use for it anyways.

Also want to try the latest version of Syllable on it. I hope the keyboard
bug is fixed. It had some troubles on that machine. SiS chipset.
Does that say enough? Anyways, I had to unplug the keyboard and
plug it in again, after syllable booted, to get it working.
Annoying bug, but that was some versions ago, so I hope it’s fixed
in the current version.