One of my dvd burners broke down. I contacted BenQ,
but my warrenty expired and so they won’t repair it.

It’s broken, no warrenty, they won’t repair it, so I decided
to take a screwdriver and open the thing, and look for the

Inside the drive, top:

Inside the drive, bottom:

And finally the problem:

You see the white plastic part, and the copper part.
They are supposed to move the lens, but it’s slipping.
In the hole in the plastic part, you see a spring, it’s used
to press the plasic part against the copper part,
either that spring is worn out, or the plastic part is.

Soooo…. now I know what’s wrong,
I still have to figure out how to fix it.
A new drive is cheap nowadays,
but i just like to try to fix it for fun.

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