Oh well, peoples, Yesterday I didn’t post yet about
what I did with new years.
So it was, I was at Roys place because of his computer.
And while I was there, I asked what he did the night,
so, when he said he was staying home with some friends
I kinda invited myself too. :P :P

So, I went back there at 9 PM and just sat with
Roy and his friends, drinking beer, and eating
melba toasts with cheese and stuff like that,
listening music,

Just look at the movies i made with my phone.
They are crazy/weird/insane/


So, at a few minutes before midnight, we went outside.
Roy had, as he does every year, a lot of fireworks, so
we were outside for an hour.

Oh yeah … it was fun.

( Roy is a friend I knew since we Primairy School. )

And, do you remember one year ago?
That fried outlet is still not fixed yet! lol!
And that’s in a house were an electrician lives.
LOL I am going to fix that myself!!!

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