So, today, a wednesday, that means, no classes.
Usually I go to Hans to watch dvds then, but today
we went to the christmas caves in Valkenburg.

So, we went to Valkenburg by train.
There are two chistmas caves, and the first cave
we went to was the ‘gemeentegrot’
It was nice cave, and I bought some stuff over there
including a salt lamp, and some presents for shanna
and joyce.

After we visited the cave, Hans and I had some
Reibekuchen, and walked towards the other cave.
We stopped at a pub, were I had a glass of glühwein.
( Hans just had a cola ) And we went off to the
other cave, the “fluweelengrot”. In that cave, there
were exhabitions with clay dolls. Really great looking.
They turned out to be hand-made, and we had a talk
with the artist who made them in the cave.
Yeah… quitte cool to have a talk with such great artist.
And also, another artist was in the cave, a painter, who
made quitte good paintings. Also talked to him a bit.

Well … off course it was still a christmas market, and not
an art exhabition, but well … the stuff to buy was better
at the other cave, but the art, really beautifull.
At the fluweelengrot I bought some christmas lights,
that’s about it.

After also visiting that cave, we went to eat a pancake,
and then went back home,

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