What happened to the girl i used to love, who once said
that her worst fear was losing me, to turn into the girl
that said that she doesn’t love me anymore?

In the conversation she dumped me she said:
“sometimes what your heart says
and what your mind says
are different things
always go with your mind
because the heart can lie”

But that’s not true, the mind can lie too. And it did,
at least to me. For months, my intuition was telling me
there is something wrong, but my mind told me not to
worry, my mind told me that everything was fine, while
my intuition was screaming otherwise.
How many times did I ask her “Is something wrong?”
because I just … I just felt like something was wrong,
but she always answered “Everything is fine.” And after
a while, I just gave up asking, knowing she wouldn’t

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