One year ago,
18 december 2005, at 23:53 local time (GMT+1)
That’t the time Julia added me to MSN.

(And yes, Julia, I know you have been reading
my blog for the past weeks. FTW!)

So, since you’re reading this anyways, I want to take
you back to an other day, a memory of the person you used
to be, kind, understanding, and always prepared to help a
friend. Remember that night, that night, we stayed all
night, talking to mimi, that night she was really feeling
like shit. It was a friday, I stayed awake till about
3 AM. We talked to her all night, trying te help her.

Yes, that’s what used to be. Always trying to help a friend.
That’s also what BlaatSchaap used to be about,
BlaatSchaap, a family, always ready to help each other.

I don’t know if you remember those days, but I do.

I also remember the things you said about mimi,
when she broke up with toni, was with dustin, and back
with toni again.

That person, and you, are different people.

Two letters, two CDs, and my memories of who you used
to be, that’s all I’ve left from what used to be us.

What about you? Do you still have the letters I sent?
My cds and dvds? and the necklace? I remember how
you freaked out when you lost it, back then, but
what about now?

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