So, one more day, and it’s the last day of the year.
A day to look back at the past year. Or to say it
better, tomorrow I will post my review of the
past year. lol I wrote that one month ago, but
anyways, I will post that tomorrow, take your
time, because it’s a lot to read.

A lot has happened the past year. A lot has

Soms is ‘t beater iets moeis te verleeze.
Beater verleeze dan dat ge ‘t noeit het gehad.
Rowwen Hèze – Heilige Anthonius

Sometimes it is better to loose something beautifull,
better to loose it, then never have had it al all.

But no matter what happenes, I will never give up.
I guess, in that, I am like my father. He has his dream,
and he is trying to realise it, for as far as I can remember.
He lost everything doing so, but he never gave up, and still
kept trying, many people called him a fool for doing so,
but that didn’t stop him.
And so am I. No matter what people say, I will never
give up. My dreams, my future. It’s this pride also
what kept me alive one year ago.

Well … tomorrow a lot more blååt for you to read.

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