I hope you people had a good Christmas.
Yesterday we ate duck, today we had Deer.
Yeah… Christmas, the days of the special food.
Also had some nice presents,like a salt lamp,
a book “What the bleep do we know” and a dvd
“Atomic Twister” and a bottle of elPico Passion.

Christmas was fine over here, but the news
to hear that even on a day like Christmas,
victims of an auto bomb in Bagdad.
Just sad, even on a day like Christmas.

And what’s also sad, Julia, It is even too much
for her that I wished her a merry christmas on
her last.fm profile. She removed the message,
and that, while she is in the top-3 of my blog
readers. Oh well … Julia: have fun reading my blog.

So, tomorrow Hans and I will go over to Joyce,
and we will go to see Eragon. Oh yeah…

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