Well, one month ago, Julia and I split up.
Now, I want to tell about how it started in the first place,
So, it was december 2005. I was depressed and bored,
taking a quiz on quizilla, titles ‘are you bored’ and it gave
me a link to a forum named ‘normal is overrated’
That forum, was were I know Julia from. From that site,
in my profile, my msn adress, she added me to her msn.
December, that was. And then we started talking.
Both her and me used to be depressed. And we talked
about that, about our lives, and such. That really helped me.
Back then, we really supported each other.
In that time, we talked a lot, and we were very alike,
sometimes it felt like i was talking to myself.
We likes the same music, we both like tea, many shared
experiences, views of things. She was like another me.
So, soon, I fell in love with her, but well, did we have a
chance? With the age difference, living so far from each
other, I didn’t think so, so I never said anything about
my feelings. Also, being as shy as I am, I never had the
courage to say anything anyways.
But well, then, january passing my, and the 22th january.
Joyce told that she loved me, and that was the beginning
of a kinda short relationship with Joyce, then 2nd.
I was with Joyce like 4 years before that too.
But well … off course I mentioned it in the chatroom, and
because I was with Joyce, I wanted to tell Julia what I felt
for her after all. Not that there could be anything between us,
I was with Joyce. I was still being a bit depressed back then.
Julia was having to go to her gransparents every weekend.
And, during such a weekend, I felt miserable, and when Julia
got online again, I was happy again. On one such weekend,
how miserable I felt, I realised how much I loved Julia.
That is when I decided to break up with Joyce and be with
Julia. Maybe that was stupid, maybe I was a fool doing so,
but, I had no choise, feeling like that, she was the reason I
lived for. And that is how it started, Julia and me. We were
happy. We were like the perfect couple, we were so much alike.
We were thinking like one mind. It was so perfect, I used to beleive
she was my soulmate. That we used to be together in a previous life.

But as the time passed by, we grew apart. How much alike we
were back then, so different we are now. And I think, it was
already over since about June, just not wanting to realise it,

But that is how it ended, we grew apart, and the feelings faded away.

And, now, looking back, I think it was foolish to beleive it would
last for ever in the first place, Julia and I, online maybe perfect,
in real life, impossible, a forbidden love.

Well, I have told my story now,
thanks for reading.

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