One week ago, I would be dumped by Julia in a new hours.
Now, after one week of freedom. I am happy. I haven’t been
this happy in a while.
Even Shanna said on Skype that I sounds like a different person now.
And this moring at breakfast, my uncle was like wtf, you are smiling
you never do so in the morning.
So,I suppose, it is better this way.

But, Julia, she was ignoring me till yesterday, then we had a kinda
conversation at shoutbox thingie. She is just being selfish,
and just telling more lies. And she removed it afterwards, no
evidense that it ever took place. The fact that she removed it,
just proves that I am right, it just proves that she lied.

So, let this be a warning : bever date crazy shrink-biting emo bitches!

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