Yay, my laptop is back …. it had to miss it since may…
Finally it has returned, but i am affraid it still has problems.
With the USB ( and integrated webcam ) this time. I already
contacted Asus again about this. But I don’t want to be without
laptop again for months.

The Meeting is cancelled … It was supposed to be two weeks
from now …. to weeks and then Julia and I would be together in London.
But in stead it is another year … one whole long year … I hate this distance
between us … *sigh* …
Oh well, there will be another meeting next year, in the USA,
and I won’t allow that one to fail again. And I just hope everyone
will show up. BlaatSchaap is a weird place. One chatroom,
Four intercontinental relationships. Weird but true. And I just
hope, at least next year, they will all be together at the meeting.

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