Hehe … an update …
Last time i wrote in here was when i went to the
Cradle of Filth Concert with Chloé and Peter.
I didn;t write much then because I was sick.

But now… what happened last month.
Well … first of all … I passed al my exams.
So, that is good… school is done for this now,
vacation, and then start again after summer.

That brings me to the next point. There is a
big chance that the BlaatSchaap Meeting
will be cancelled. That makes me a little sad.
I have really been looking forwards to this
meeting, because this meeting is supposed
to be the first time I meet Julia IRL.

So that is why I am kinda sad… and well
At BlaatSchaap there are also some things
going on… Like another big distance
relation-ship …. Something that happens
to most people around BlaatSchaap it seems.
So we have now Shanna and Patrick,
Sara and Justin, Julia and me …
and … well … not sure if it really counts
Mirelys and Dustin, but since Mirelys past,
I am not sure how serious that is.

Well … such a long distance relation-ship
is not always easy … especially when
other people (IRL) are going to come
between it, like what happened this
week to Shanna. But just without
them it is just hard enough, it is hard
not to be able to be together, but still
… true love will survive everything.
And if this is true love, then the years
we have to wait untill we can be together,
It won’t be easy, but we will just take that,
because if you love someone like I love Julia,
then it doesn’t matter now, as long as you
know that you will be together someday.

So, even if there won’t be a meeting this year,
next year there will be a meeting in the USA.
And I hope that next year a lot of BlaatSchaap
members will show up ;)

And in 4 years, I guess Julia and I can stay
together … It is a long time *sigh* but …
It will be worth waiting for…

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