Sorry …. i am lazy … or no … i’ve got vacation…

Anyways, I haven’t updated my blogs in a while,
and so, here is an update, a lot of things happened.

Yesterday, it was my father’s birthday. and
unfortunately I can’t visit him :(
Family stuff …. this fight about money and stuff.
Aaarrgghhh …. I hate money …. I have lost my
father because of his and my uncle’s greed i guess.
Okay, my father made mistakes too, but he doesn’t
deserve to be threaded like this by the rest of the

Then yesterday, I went to hans to watch dvds,
but sleepy me, get on the wrong bus, and ended
somewere completely wrong, and had to get back
all the way, that sucks … but well … finally, one
hour late, i got at hans’ place, got some lunch,
and then we watched Jurasic Park. It looks good,
I wouldn’t say it was from 1993.

Thanks for reading again,

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