yeah … you are hearing from he again,
I should update my blog a little more frequent :P
anyways…. what has been going on …
Julia hasn’t been online for two days now, had
to go to her grandparents … it seems like forever.
I miss Julia …

So, I wasn’t feeling any happy, and then there
comes some more sad news, a friend on msn,
with sad news, something that did upset me,
I don’t think I should write this down on my
blog, since it is rather personal.

So, then the day before yesterday, about
Joyce … I am not sure yet if she really
understands what Julia means to me.
It is not like that she doesn’t know about us.
I already told this before we started dating.

jan 22 22:33:36 «serenity» just tell me the truth if you (like) gracefullwing more then me
jan 22 22:34:08 «thedarkness» i am sorry, i guess i do, *sigh* but she lives at the other end of the world … *sigh* ..

So, it is not like I am keeping it a secret,
I told Joyce from the beginning, but still,
The day before yesterday, it was still like,
when Adakar talked about it, that Joyce
still doesn’t understand what I feel like.

Talking about feeling, that brings me to
Adakar. He is ignoring his feelings, and I
am worried about him doing so, I am affraid
they will brust out one day, just like what happened
to me in december.

mrt 05 12:52:31 «adakar» emotions betrayed me, I’ll betray them.
mrt 05 12:53:13 «thedarkness» but don’t you see you are only betraying yourself by doing so ?
mrt 05 12:53:14 «adakar» I used to be happy and emotional… that made me a swiss cheese… and it ended in me almost trying to kill myself.
mrt 05 12:53:21 «adakar» ^ read
mrt 05 12:53:35 «adakar» people.
mrt 05 12:54:11 «adakar» emotions have minimum as many security holes as windows does….
mrt 05 12:54:15 «adakar» or had
mrt 05 12:54:34 «thedarkness» i see, but i am worried that this what you are doing now will only makes things worse in the end …
mrt 05 12:54:35 «adakar» people abuse windows… people abuses security holes…
mrt 05 12:54:55 «adakar» dude, going numb saved my god damn worthless life!
mrt 05 12:55:07 «thedarkness» i am affraid that you can’t hold in your emotions for even and it will some day brust out … like what happened to me back in december
mrt 05 12:55:13 «thedarkness» that is why

*sigh* … and tomorrow … school starts again …

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