So, school started again today … so … i show up at school
but the teacher doesn’t. And the next class is in 4 hours.
I could still be sleeping now … this sucks …. Stupid school !!

So, I am now feelings lots better than last weekend.
A weekend without Julia. It really made me feel bad.
All I did was lie down on my bed, with my laptop,
listening music, chatting on blaatschaap chatroom
to kill time.

Well … friday was still ok, but saturday and sunday were
really a hard time. And to make things worse … saturday
night, a friend of mine on msn, came with some more
bad news, so that made me even feel worse than I already

But well … I guess … one positive thing came out of this.
I gues I made a new friend. And this is because of the
netspilt at freenode. I can’t beleive that those things
happened is coincidence. That netsplit on that moment,
and when my X-Chat rejoined the #Syllable channel,
Brent greets me in the channel, and we started talking.
About the thing that happened on msn,
and about Julia and me.
I was happy about that, to talk.

You know what is weird, like also what happened, when
someone is feeling bad, I always kinda know what to say
to make them feel better, but, when I am feeling bad,
I need someone to say them to me.
( This is about Chloé’s blog, and her comment on my blog )

At this moment there is only one thing I am sure about
in my life, the only thing I am sure about is I love Julia

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