Yeah … i know … i should have updated earlier…
anyways … carnaval is over … and it was fun …
Sunday I went to Heerlen. To watch the parade
there, with Joyce and Randy. We didn’t watch the
full parade, it is kinda boring … and I don’t like to
stands still for that long time, so, we went to a pub
and had a drink, and omg, lol, it was awfull to see
how she ( tapte … arrghhh english word, uhm …
to fill the glass with beer, from the thing they have
in the pub ) … that was really clumsy … omg !!!!
so, after that … we went to the party tent, had
another beer, and danced the polonaise …
After that, we went back to Joyce’s and we
wachted a dvd, “The Time Machine” .. a great
movie, you have to see it…

Then Monday, Joyce came over to my place,
and we wachted “The Interview with the Vampire”
and about 7 PM, we went to Maastricht, to Damiën’s.
And there we wachten some episodes of
“Full Moon wo Sagashite” It is really great!! and gets
better every episode. Get it here. Really … you must
see it, so, after a few episoded we went into the city
to meet Tom, Chloé and their friends. Yeah … and that
is when I first met Debbie … Tom’s gf… yeah … finally
because he was supposed to introduce us for a long time
already :P gehehe… uhm … i guess a group photo will
be online soon, but Joyce still has my memory card,
so I can’t upload the photos yet.. only the photos
what are made on sunday are online… and not all
of them yet… uploading photos is time consuming
and boring.l..
Anyway … where was I … so we met the rest of the
group and had fun, about midnight, we went back to
Damiën’s and watched some more Full Moon, and
went to sleep then …

So… that was my carnaval … thanks for reading :)
love you all,

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