School sucks …
i wrote this stuff already on my dutch blog.
so, what is going on, i was in that project
group i wrote about in the other blogpost,
but not for long. Monday i was put in another
group, and Hans too, so we are not in the same
group. I am pretty much in the old group again,

And our scedule, it sucks, full of holes,
at tuesday we start at 8.45 AM have lessons
till 11.45 AM and then nothing till 2.05 PM
and then we finish at 4.05 PM … and so we
have almost everyday a hole of nothing like
that, and that really sucks … especially
if the last lesson end on 4.55 PM …

And then tommorrow another ‘surprise’
I took a look at the new scedule
And it looked like we were finsihed at 12.25 PM.
Nice i think, and then i was going to see Joyce
tomorrow, but the school decided otherwise,
with a message on tisi
The site were the school posts messages for
the students, and it says we will have school
till 4.55 PM,
school sucks … and so does my life …

I guess i better think about the party tonight,
I hope it will be fun, i could use it right now..

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