Yeah … i know … i should update
my english blog more ofter…
so, like i already told you in my
dutch blog, the part was great ..
really, it was, and then i stayed
at damiëns place, skipped the two
first classes, and then, the other
classes, just being bored, playing
with my laptop, reading and commenting
blogs etc … the usual stuff …

And some BlaatSchaap stuff, Annika got
banned after the stuff that was going on,
She was driving me insane, and i don’t want
to go insane… anyway…i blocked her from
msn and banned her from BlaatSchaap, but then
Chloé convinced me to unblock her from my msn.
And Justin (hentai) convinced me to give her
a chance at blaatschaap too, but Adakar and me,
we actually didn’t feel like it, so, what we
did now, she is unbanned, but Annika is being
watched. If something happens that would
not be tolerated, she will be banned forever.
Sorry, that may sound a little harsh, but I
do have to protect the blaatschaap community.

Yeah … and now it is sunday and i have some
stupid homework to do…. so cya laters

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