I have changed a lot the past year,
The André of a year ago looks like
a straner to me now.

I guess i have ‘waken up’ twice in the
past year,

I have met new people, new friends,
both in real life and online,

I am going to post a
story about the changed with new year.
this is just an announcement i am
going to write them.

I am also happy for Lars ( aka Nuky, Adakar)
He is now changing too.
I am just happy for that,
I remember how nuky reacted when i
started my first change, last summer.

I guess last year there were changes
for many, family and relatives changed.
Some changes are hard, and look like
a big mountain to climb, but when it
is over, everything will be better…

Anyway… i’ll stop writing now,
else there will be nothing left
to wrint at the new year ;)

Good luck to you all,

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