On Nuky’s request, i will write in english again:

So, school starts monday again. Well at least we
start 12:25 … All other days we start at 09:45.
That means i have to get out of my bed at 06:00.
Far too early you know … I hate early …

Well … what else to write about … Hmmm …

I seem to have lost my MP3 Player. I can’t find it
anywhere … well … i still have the old mp3 discman
so, i still have some music …
talking about music: i was shoutcasting tonight.
And I had some ppl listening from a chatroom about
Windows Live Messenger 8. ( irc.stuffplug.com #messengerlive )

Well..that was it for now…

and now a question : do you think i should write english or dutch ?

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