Two more days i have to work at evic … ( stage )
And then … vacation … finally ….

Friday is the last day at work … my uncle comes at 3 PM with some cake
And then takes my bike, the pc i won at work (hope this one runs Syllable ) and me back home …
well … first we have to go to the satellite shop first .. to ask about
the repair of my dreambox … it is still in repair :S:S:S I want my dreambox back !!

I need to get my certificate at school the 6th … and next year to eindhoven ( fontys )

Then i have some free time to sleep late and go to sleep late …
And time to learn some c++ ;) so i can start programming the BeOS and SkyOS …
( at least that is what i want to do … )

Today i got the email from mensys ;) they are sending Zeta to me … :)

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