I was watching a dvd.. well i wasn’t really watching is, the dvd was playing, and i was at my computer, suddenly, my tv went blank … the dvd player still playing, i check the cables, all connected … the cable from the dvd player (KISS DP-508) to the sattelite receiver (DREAMBOX DM-7000S) and the cable from the dreambox to the tv.. all connected. I turn of the dvd player and try to switch on the dreambox … nothing… so i think, it is crashed, and press all three buttons in the front panel, to reboot it… well it doesn’t boot, it just displays the dreambox logo …
and after that, Dream MultiMedia 1.08 should appear, but it doesn;t boot, and hangs in the boot loader. So it is dead i think !!! I am trying now to reflash it , ***slow*** with serial cable, but i don’t think it is going to work, cause it suddenly stopped working, i haven’t flashed recently.

Just finished flashing : i try to boot : the display says :


It now is official dead !!!!

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